SunTegra Authorized Dealers

Looking to become an Authorized Dealer?

Becoming a SunTegra Dealer provides roofers, contractors and other trades the opportunity to offer customers an attractive, reliable, and cost-effective solar product that will set them apart from conventional competitors, expand their available market, and become a player in a new and growing part of the solar market.

Market research shows that 3 out of 4 homeowners prefer an integrated system and are more likely to consider solar if one was available.

The SunTegra team is dedicated to working with select partners to make SunTegra products an integral part of the solar market and a successful part of your business!

Dedicated Service and Support

Dedicated sales support

Professional training and technical support enables partners to get started on the right foot

System monitoring and installation audit program helps ensure quality and learning

Expanded Market Opportunities

Increased sales by entering the solar market

Marketing and Lead-Gen support

Added incentives to buy for prospects with construction or reroof projects

Differentiated Product Offering & Network

A solar product designed for the building industry

Sleek, low-profile appearance to appeal to homeowners

Limited, exclusive partner network

Simplified and Flexible Installation

Complete solar offering includes all the necessary components for installation simplifying the sale and installation process.

No need to inventory parts

Designed for installation by roofers and contractors