SunTegra for Builders

Solar that Integrates with your Business

SunTegra ™ Solar Roof Systems offer cutting-edge roof-integrated solar solutions for businesses and communities committed to protecting the environment, saving money, and preserving the architectural integrity of their buildings.

SunTegra Solar Shingles and Tiles integrate directly into the roofline of a home or building instead of being mounted on a rack system over the roof, providing durable roof and a high performance, low-profile solar system in one.

New Home Construction

SunTegra’s in-roof design is ideal for homebuilders and architects who want to offer a solar solution that integrates into the home’s design and provides additional construction cost savings.

Commercial Properties

Business, hotel, and other commercial property owners can enjoy significant roof and electricity bill savings while preserving the curb appeal of their properties and reducing their carbon footprint.

Government & Civic Institutions

SunTegra’s low-profile design can help government and community buildings, such as libraries and schools, to go green, but maintain the architectural integrity of their buildings and adhere to strict design codes.

Solar that Enhances your Business


With SunTegra, businesses, government, and civic institutions can secure clean, green affordable energy from the sun and enjoy added value and savings from the innovative roof-integrated design.

Preserve curb appeal and enhance property’s value: In-roof design provides an attractive, low-profile solar appearance that preserves curb appeal and improves property resale value.

Enjoy added construction cost savings: Dual function as a solar and roofing material allows customers to save on building material and construction labor costs.

Leverage flexible installation options: Simple installation process provides customers the flexibility to work with existing contractors to streamline and reduce construction costs and time.

Avoid structural engineering and reinforcements: Roof-integrated design removes the need for structural engineering and reinforcements usually required for rack mounted solar, providing added time and material savings and an attractive option for historic buildings.