Welcome to the New Look of Solar

Beauty and substance in a low-profile, high-performance solar roof system.

Now You Have a Choice

SunTegra® Solar Roof Systems are innovative building integrated solar solutions that provide customers an attractive alternative to standard solar.

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems integrate directly into the roof instead of being mounted on a bulky rack system over the roof, providing customers a durable roof and a sleek, low-profile solar system in one!

Do you like the look of SunTegra? If so, you are not alone – surveys show that 3 out of 4 homeowners would prefer an integrated solar option. With SunTegra, now you have a choice!

SunTegra Products

The SunTegra Advantage

SunTegra Solar Shingle and Tile Roof Systems offer homeowners, businesses, builders, and installers the latest in solar roof-top design and functionality. SunTegra systems allow for direct-to-roof installation with no racking, offering customers a more aesthetically-pleasing, high-performance solar option that protects your home, produces clean energy, and provides roof and energy bill savings

2-in-1 Solution

Low-Profile Appearance

High Performance

Added Value & Savings

Reliable & Safe

Easy to Install



SunTegra for Homeowners

Discover the New Look of Solar

Rooftop solar has been around for decades, but despite its reliability and proven performance, rooftop solar panels have always been a large, bulky addition to the roof. SunTegra Solar Roof Systems offer an innovative, low-profile solar solution that allows homeowners to enjoy the traditional benefits of solar without the traditional “look” of solar


Protect your home from weather
Produce clean, green energy
Reduce monthly energy bills
Enjoy added roof savings
Preserve curb appeal
Increase home resale value
“We have been looking for solar for the last 10 years and we finally found the right product for our 215 year-old home. We are thrilled with the quality, the beauty, and the effect our SunTegra system is having on us and our community. Besides the obvious financial give back, it feels great to help protect the environment. We can now drive around in an electric car, powered by solar from our roof, not polluting both at home and on the road. You got to start somewhere!”
Dave and Chris Sampson
“As a contractor and homeowner, I am excited about the SunTegra product. I am delighted to have been able to achieve the financial benefits of solar on my home without compromising its curb appeal and to share this unique solar product with my customers. The fact that it is simple to install is a bonus.”
Rick Durham, Legend Builders
“I have been wanting to go solar, but did not like the look of traditional solar systems that I see around my neighborhood. SunTegra offered me a way to produce clean energy and save money with a solar system that blends beautifully into my roof.”
Marilyn Chulack

SunTegra for Builders and New Construction

Solar that Integrates with your Business.

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems enable solar to become an integral part of your building, providing construction cost and energy bill savings, a streamlined installation process, and a differentiated, low-profile appearance preferred by customers. SunTegra is a valuable addition for new home construction, commercial properties, and government and civic institutions.


Generate clean energy from the sun
Preserve curb appeal
Enhance property value
Enjoy energy bill and construction cost savings
Leverage flexible installation options
Avoid structural engineering and reinforcements




Become A SunTegra Partner

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems are an innovative, new way to go solar, which provide an attractive alternative to standard rack-mounted solar.

Becoming a SunTegra Partner offers solar dealers, roofers, contractors, and other trades the ability to offer a unique product, which will set them apart from conventional competitors, expand their available market, and allow them to become a player in a new and growing part of the solar market.

Differentiated Product Offer

Expanded Market Opportunities

Simplified and Flexible Installation

Dedicated Service and Support

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