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Discover the New Look of Solar

SunTegra ™ Solar Roof Systems offer homeowners the latest in solar roof-top design and an attractive alternative to standard solar. SunTegra Solar Tile and Shingle Roof Systems simply and seamlessly integrate into the roofline instead of being mounted on a rack system over the roof, providing homeowners a durable roof and a sleek, low-profile solar option, which - surveys show – is preferred by 3 out of 4 homeowners.

Easy to install, industry proven, and attractive, SunTegra offers homeowners the traditional benefits of solar without the traditional “look” of solar!

Getting Started is Easy with SunTegra

Like any investment you make in your home, you need to fully evaluate the options. To help you better understand how a SunTegra system will work for you, the SunTegra team or a SunTegra Partner can provide a free, no-obligation estimate customized to your home’s location and solar potential. The estimate would include:

  • Preliminary system layout and 3-D view.

  • System size and estimated energy production.

  • Estimated electricity bills savings.

  • Available federal, state, and local incentives.

  • Estimated system cost and return on investment.

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